Do you know your team's climate?

At PreViso, we believe that teams are the foundational unit of performance in business. Through a validate assessment and teaming process we work with you to understand the climate of your team.

But teams across businesses are different. They have different purposes, structures and tenure.  Understanding these differences and how a team climate affects them is changing the conversation on engagement and performance at the very heart of business.

What type of team do you have?

Each type of team will bring differences in the attitudes, actions, and approaches to work. But, regardless of type of team, we all use the same six socio-cognitive drivers to create strong high performing team climates.

Rapid Team

A rapid team has a definable start and finish date, clear goals and deliverables and by its nature is often fast forming around the mission. The leader plays a key role in setting up a healthy performance climate and is critical to the success of the team.

Standing Team

A standing team works in a more ongoing capacity on interconnected work towards set goals or outcomes.  The leader will set the climate but the team will maintain and sustain the behaviours, practices and processes.  Maintaining the team climate is an ongoing active task.

Work Group

A workgroup is a group of people brought together but working independently to achieve their goals and outcomes. A workgroup may be high performing but may not have a strong climate for shared work in general. However healthy workgroups can develop strong ‘rapid teaming’ practices for when it is of benefit.

Integrated Teaming

Integrated teaming is a organisational wide framework for climate and teaming support. Using RELISH (socio cognitive drivers), and the Climate Change for Teams assessment, businesses will brings together the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to maintain and sustain a high performance climate.

A high performance team climate is:

68% more likely to work towards the pursuit of team goals.

70% More likely to be optimistic about the team’s future.

61% More likely to draw on each others strengths and work collaboratively.

51% More likely to embrace new strategies for achieving success.

56% More likely to think outside the box.

65% More likely to feel safe when facing change.

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The power of technology and performance together.


Climate Change for Teams ® is a proven assessment tool and teaming process designed specifically to diagnose and elevate the performance of teams. This unique assessment tool accelerates the growth of the team climate and equips a team to thrive in today’s complex and challenging work environment.

Real Time Data

Pulsing provides realtime data on your team’s performance climate over a sustained period of time.

Address Teaming Issues Quickly

Proven accelerated teaming process that brings workgroups together and rapidly fosters a high engagement and performance based climate.

Simple and Effective Training Process

Using the power of climate data, businesses can target specific teams for support and performance intervention.

Whole-Of-Team Approach

Team Climate Assessment profiles the team as a whole, assessing climate across six socio-cognitive dimensions that are known to drive team engagement and performance.

Customised Solutions

No two people are the same and no two businesses are the same.  Let us design a performance and engagement solution tailored to your business.

Team Building

Proven accelerated teaming process.

The Power Of Neuroscience

The Team Climate Assessment is underpinned by the power of validated neuroscience.  Using the knowledge and experience of human behaviour and motivation to design a product that will change the way you use your teaming network.

Simple and Effective Training Process

Using the power of climate data, businesses can target specific teams for support and performance intervention.