We are preparing to deliver the next Climate Change For Teams® accreditation program. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn and experience the latest in socio-cognitive neuroscience teaming and performance tools.

You will be equipped to assess, debrief and improve team outcomes utilising the Climate Change for Team® products and resources.

Leveraging the power of  25 years of research into social cognitive neuroscience, PreViso’s climate assessment tools are cutting edge.  Accreditation will give you and your clients access to powerful lead indicator data and teaming interventions.  Helping teams and organisations to be agile, relevant and competitive in their marketplace.

Our assessment is a proven diagnostic and development process designed specifically to elevate the performance of teams. Accreditation will give you access to a suite of tools and knowledge to accelerate the growth of teams, equipping them to thrive in today’s complex and challenging work environment.

Why look at climate?

Assume that at any given point in time there is a fixed  amount of “Total Cognitive Resources” in a team.impact of climate

These resources can be used by the team in two ways:

  1. To carry out tasks in productive ways – doing the work, improving the work and connecting others with the work; or
  2. Wasted in emotional survival.  – Where team members use the energy in worry, anxiety, moaning, and quarrelling

At one extreme (Threatening), some teams can have such a disastrous team climate that most of the team’s energy is spent on emotional survival and little is left for the task.

At the other extreme (Supportive), teams can have such a supportive, optimistic, and positive climate that they expend little of their time on emotional survival and free to instead concentrate their energy and efforts on the task.

Most teams will lie on the continuum between those two extremes.

Where do you think your team climate is today?

 Do you know how to quickly change the climate?

Socio cognitive drivers (RELISH) help us understand the shared perceptions that make up a team climate.  Understanding these drivers gives the leader and team members insight into what actions to take to foster and grow an effective and supportive team climate for high performance.

Change the conversation on performance.

Gain knowledge and expertise in using the lead indicators of climate.

Deliver high quality team development outcomes based on their performance climate.

Engage with the community of practice for coaching and mentoring support.

Have access to teaming resources and materials based on the six socio cognitive needs of climate and effective teaming.

Do you want proven neuroscience based diagnostic and teaming interventions?

Do you want to help your clients become more agile and competitive?

Are you using the latest tools for assessing and building team performance?

Do you have a passion for human dynamics and organisational performance?

Join us 9-11 August 2016 in Melbourne
‘The 3 days of immersion in a world-leading tool with exceptionally talented facilitators, and leaders in their respective fields, who created engagement and exploratory learning amongst all participants was well worth it. Thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience and networking opportunity, but more so the professional skills and tools gained to take teaming to the next level.’
Shane DurdinHSE Director at Jacobs

What do I get as part of accreditation?

Three day program

A three day intensive program to explore climate, socio cognitive drivers and the impact this has on the leader and team performance.

Accelerated teaming resources

Teaming development resources, interventions and workshop content.

Presentation slides

Presentation slide deck and workshop content.

Coaching and mentoring support

Access to a mentoring and coaching community to provide expert advice and guidance through your accreditation process.

Access to specialist data and resources

Accreditation gives you access to the climate pulse and data giving you the ability to work with teams to embed a high performance climate.

A team assessment

As part of accreditation you will need to complete a team debrief.

Limited places available register now.