Teaming and the Brain webinar July 2016



Be a part of the future of teaming

Currently working as a Human Resources, Teaming or Leadership Specialist? Deliver real performance improvement to your organisation or clients through a scientifically validated team performance diagnostic. Contact us today to register at the early bird rate for our Melbourne accreditation from 9-11 August … Read More

What is a Climate Change for Teams Assessment?

  The climate assessment tool, online dashboard and training is designed for teams with a desire to set up a healthy high performing team climate and to significantly improve the overall performance of their teams. Unlike other tools that measure … Read More

Business is a game, and as with all games, the team that puts the best people on the field and gets them playing together wins. It's that simple.

Jack Welch,

Accelerated Teaming

The most important work in organisations need teaming to get it done and we are seeing teaming become the skill that will replace leadership. Upskill your team in the art of teaming with our 1 day Accelerated Teaming program. Accelerated … Read More

High Performing Teams

How Does Your Team Stack Up?

In order to succeed in today’s changing and competitive global market, organisations are becoming increasingly reliant on teams to be resilient and agile without losing focus on results. Authors such as John C Maxwell and Katzenbach & Smith have spent … Read More