CC4T pulse

The dashboard is where you can see the pulsing updates on your team data. It is also where you can manage team member details and track the measures of success over time.


Using your pulse.

The CC4T Pulse helps teams change teaming behaviours and reinforces a shared language that drives effective team climate. Using the CC4T Pulse, teams follow a simple but effective process that allow them to monitor their climate and performance and make small incremental adjustments.

Using the data with regular team check ins, allows the team to test strategies and actions for improving their performance climate and get immediate actionable feedback from each other. The CC4T PULSE is an integral component to developing strong and effective teams.

Developing a strong performance climate.

A simple process to harness your PULSE.

The purpose of this information is to offer you a simple and effective tool to easily and consistently harness the real value that lies within your team PULSE data from your team dashboard. Remember the PULSE data is your data.  It represents the collective perceptions of the team across the RELISH Dimensions.  Remember, even a small change is a real change.  Be bold.  Investigate it.  You never know what gold can be found when you drill down bravely and authentically.

The process has four simple sections

  1. Capture
  2. Context
  3. Conversation
  4. Call to Action

Each provides a fast and effective way to unpack data and develop insights and meaning.

1. Capture

Capture picture

Team members complete regular short surveys of about 4-5 questions to check in on the six CC4T dimensions.  Each pulse takes about 3-5 mins to complete. Results are displayed on your team dashboard.

Capture and teams
We start each PULSE session by reviewing the captured data on our current RELISH area of on our team dashboard. Has it gone up or down or stayed the same.Content goes here

2. Context

context pictureThe CC4T Pulse data displayed on your dashboard occurs within the context that your team operates in.  As a team explore what is happening in your current context.

Context and the team
Just as we start with context in your initial Climate Report Debrief, so too we begin every PULSE conversation with context. What is going on for the team? Given the reality of the modern workplace our context will be in a constant state of change. What impact is this having?

3. Conversation

Conversation picutreUsing the online dashboard the team has authentic conversations about their climate. It allows us to unify our understanding and consider what actions we need to promote or work to remove from the day to day of the team.

Conversations and the team
If our team climate has improved let’s celebrate and understand.  How can we capitalise on it?  Data stays the same: What in our current context is impacting on this element of our climate? If the data goes down, what is it in our perceptions of this dimension that has lead to this decrease? What is happening in our context? What is happening in our team? Above all be brave, bold, authentic, gracious and curious.

4. Call to Action

Call to Action pictureAction is taken locally by the team to address issues while they are small. Here teams plan actions and test their effectiveness in the team.  Genuine action for a team comes from shared understanding and shared responsibility.

Action and the team
Through conversation we consolidate our thoughts and create a Call to Action. This is our agreement on what we can do with our data.  Actions can be tasks, commitments to behaviours, new practices or process to name a few. Most often every team member will have a specific action in the form of a commitment made to the team to enhance the team climate.  

Useful information

Accessing the dashboard



You will receive a welcome email and log in details. Save the login page to your web favourites or access via  If you have any issues with logins, you can request a password reset through the login page or email

Team members

You will receive a welcome email with a link to your team dashboard.  Save your link to your web favourites as it will automatically update every survey.  If you have any issues or need your link reset please email us at

Using the climate dashboard

Multi-level safety climateOnce you receive a welcome email, follow the link to your dashboard / log in.

The dashboard will have your team data loaded from your initial assessment. The dashboard updates with new data every pulse cycle.

The team will receive regular short pulsing around the RELISH framework and your team measures.

There is a pulse interpretation guide in your welcome email and additional information on pulsing and your dashboard available here.

Understanding my pulse dashboard