Can I create project safety excellence?

At PreViso for Safety, we believe that every man and woman deserves to be safe at work. We understand the complex safety challenges major projects face. Safety risks are amplified when managing rapid mobilisation, multiple contractors and diverse safety cultures. The old ways of managing these dynamics through contracts and auditing are falling short. The opportunity exists to think differently about safety. We help you rapidly align safety across your projects, to create visibility, shared accountability and early warning indicators that enable you to take proactive action before incidents occur.

Are you measuring safety or un-safety?

 We think we are measuring safety. However, most safety metrics measure un-safety –LTIFR, MTI, fatality rates. These are all measures of harm, not safety. Measuring ‘safety’ requires us to think differently about what we measure. At PreViso our simple system helps your project track what is going right with safety.

Lag Indicators

High-risk organisations are required to measure and report lag indicators. Lag indicators are retrospective measures of what has happened (e.g., LTIFR, MTI). Lag indicators enable us to look back and understand what happened, once an event has occurred. Lag indicators however do not enable proactive action.

Lead Indicators

Lead indicators are ‘in-process’ measures that are predictive, enabling organisations to proactively anticipate the effectiveness of their projects performance and make changes before serious events arise. At PreViso our simple systems help you track key lead indicators of safety.

Aligning Project Leads

What a leader pays attention to workers pay attention to. In projects it is even more important to align leaders who come from different contracting companies utilizing a variety of systems and processes. Our approach helps align leaders to create a consistent approach to safety on the ground.

Keep a Pulse on Project Contracting Tiers

To effectively manage a variety contractors using different safety systems you need a way to keep your finger on the PULSE of safety across your project. Our simple safety PULSE provides a unifying approach for measuring lead indicators that can be easily adopted by all across your projects. It provides easy ongoing monitoring – allowing you to see what is going right in your project.

The Research on Project Success tells us that:

High levels of alignment and collaboration between the entire project leadership team and key stakeholders are needed.

Project leadership collaboration needs to be maintained for the duration of the project.

Ineffective relationships between the project leadership team pose as serious threat to project success, OHS, budget and schedule.

The ability to rapidly form high-performance teams is becoming more essential to success as project complexity increases.

Project safety is becoming more difficult and less effective as project complexity increases

Diverse groups, with diverse safety systems, need to start working together using a unified measure of safety performance.

The Climate Change for Safety PULSE enables Project Leadership to meet all these requirements systematically and easily.

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The power of technology and performance together.

Power of techClimate Change for Safety ® is a proven assessment tool and pulsing process designed specifically to diagnose and elevate the safety performance of project teams across contractor tiers. This unique assessment tool accelerates the development of a shared safety climate and equips teams to thrive in the high risk, complex and challenging work environments that characterize projects.


Real Time Data

Pulsing provides real time data on your peoples’ safety perceptions over a sustained period of time.

Address Safety Issues Quickly

Proven and validated processes to recognize and address potential safety issues into the future by maturing safety climate, a lead indicator of safety outcomes.

Simple and Effective Training Process

Using the power of climate data, businesses can target their interventions at the team level to embed safety awareness into the everyday language of people on the ground.

Whole-of-Project Approach

Team Climate Assessment profiles the site as a whole, providing metrics on the key safety climate dimensions of Leadership, People, Practices and Environment which together predict safety into the future.

Project Team Alignment

As the complexity of the project we lead increases so too does the need to skillfully align Project Leadership Teams.  Systematically and rapidly aligning diverse people from different backgrounds with differing systems and preferences is essential. We can show you how to do this.

Tracking Contractor Safety Performance

When dealing with multiple Contractors, each with their own safety systems how do you track safety performance when you’re not sure you’re comparing apples with apples? Our safety pulsing system sits alongside any safety system and gives you the ability to track a unified lead-safety indicator. Performance is available at a glance via live dashboard reporting.

Validated & Predictive Lead Indicators

Traditional safety measures simply record what has already happened. In reality they measure “unsafety” – We measure safety. We give you access to validated lead-indicators designed to give you the data needed to intervene before it’s too late.

Simple & Effective Training

The training process is designed to work with people at all levels of the project and any education level. Best of all we are expert in training and supporting the development of your people to maintain the process for the duration of the project reducing your costs but increasing your capacity.

Customised Solutions

Each project is unique has unique requirements.  We can customise a process that will meet your unique needs.