PreViso Safety

Human technology that changes the story on project safety performance.

Experts in people, project teams and business safety.

PreViso Safety is a group of highly experienced Psychologists, Project Managers and Safety Specialists. These industry-leading professionals use their combined skills psychology, project management and safety to improve safety performance and business outcomes for a wide range of projects.

The Safety Climate Assessment© and Safety Pulse© is the culmination of 40 years of research. This diagnostic tool has been validated by robust results within many organisations across a range of industries. Our ability to use data to improve project safety performance helps our clients become more agile, relevant and competitive in their marketplace.

Our Team

Dr Sarah Colley

Executive Director

Sarah Colley is a nationally registered Psychologist and the Managing Director of PreViso Safety.  For the last ten years she has designed, developed and delivered innovative psychologically based leadership, teaming and safety processes. Sarah is an engaging facilitator and coach and has delivered hundreds of development processes across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The United States, Europe and Asia. Sarah has worked across all levels from senior C-Suite leaders through to teams.

Jonathan Lincolne


Jonathan is a safety psychologist with nearly 20 years of experience. He was the principle designer of the psychologically-based safety process known as ZIP (Zero Incident Process) and the founder the safety business Sentis. He has worked with many multi-national companies in over a dozen countries across all organizational levels from Boardrooms to construction crews.

Dr Nicole le Roux

Manager Systems & Delivery

Nicole is an experienced psychologist who balances the application of good practical psychology with a strong focus on project and systems delivery. Nicole is passionate about developing and implementing lead indicators of safety and resilience using practical tools that are supported by the latest technology.

Phil Tighe

Manager Special Projects

Phil Tighe is a senior business leader in engineering operations, an experienced project manager in his own right and a post graduate industry educator.  Phil brings with him over 30 years of delivering successful major infrastructure projects for the resources industry and 18 years of university lecturing in the Masters of Project Management Program at Queensland University of Technology. Phil’s greatest passion lies in creating high performing, resilient teams and helping individuals make sense of what they do.

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