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The Future of Work

The world of work is faster, more complex and complicated than ever before. Stable teams that work well together over time are less and less the norm. Organisations are aware of the need to transform to meet this challenge. However, businesses are having to shift from defining and managing a team to inspiring and enabling teaming.  Many organisations lack the language and tools they need to change the mindsets and behaviours that sustain transformational change.

Organisations need to put in place processes and tools to deliver superior execution and value to the bottom line. Understanding the leading indicators of climate and the predictive data gives leaders critical insights as they address these issues. Our approach changes the conversation on teaming and  engagement.

Did you know that a high performing climate is:

68% more likely to work towards the pursuit of team goals.

65% More likely to feel safe when facing change.

56% More likely to think outside the box.

51% More likely to embrace new strategies for achieving success.

61% More likely to draw on each others strengths and work collaboratively.

70% More likely to be optimistic about the team’s future.

Why Climate?

Climate is the degree of alignment of perceptions among members of a team in relation to the policies, procedures and practices.

Climate is influenced by many things including, leadership, our standards of accountability, behaviour, communication, vision and reward.

Our validated assessment helps organisations to leverage the power of climate and the brain to create shared attitudes, behaviours and motivation; ensuring increased cohesion, engagement, agility and ultimately performance.

The power of shared language

A shared framework for teaming that works across the whole business.

The Power Of Neuroscience

The Team Climate Assessment is underpinned by the power of validated neuroscience.  Using the knowledge and experience of human behaviour and motivation to design a product that will change the way you use your teaming network.

Simple and Effective Training Process

Using the power of climate data, businesses can target specific teams for support and performance intervention.

Whole-Of-Team Approach

Team Climate Assessment profiles the team as a whole, assessing climate across six socio-cognitive dimensions that are known to drive team engagement and performance.

The Six Key Drivers

Do you know how important the brain is for teaming and group cohesion?

There are six social cognitive drivers in our brain that directly impact on engagement and performance across teams in organisations.  These six needs are the foundation of the teaming climate.

The Climate Change for Teams diagnostic assesses the level of aligned thinking across these six dimensions and how to harness this to improve the outcomes for the team. The climate data bridges the divide between leadership behaviours and effective teaming.

The assessment was developed through a rigorous research process drawing on the expertise of psychologists, neuroscientists and business specialists.  The assessment data has been statistically linked to high team performance, high team satisfaction and low turnover intent.



The brain needs to be part of a group that is cohesive, fair and safe and obsesses about the risk of not ‘fitting in’. Teams will show belonging, security, commitment and loyalty to the group.


The brain needs to express emotions if it is to function effectively. Teams with health emotional expression will be more spontaneous, innovative and creative.

Lead The Pack

The brain needs status to feel as though we are achieving and progressing. Teams will have enthusiasm, drive, focus, high performance and greater success.

Interpersonal Connection

The brain needs to feel connected and understood. Teams will support and connect well with each other.

See The Facts

The brain loves feedback and seeing progress. Teams with this have a learning climate basing decisions on fact and data.

Hold The Vision

The brain needs to hope for the future.  Teams will have shared optimism about the future.

Why a Team Climate Assessment works.

It provides real-time information and insights on how your team is performing. It gives your leaders the tools to transform a group of individuals into a finely tuned and supportive team, capable of achieving success. Team Climate goes beyond just surveys and data. We give you a defined and measurable process for building high performance teams.

It works by assessing six social-cognitive needs known to drive engagement and performance across teams.  It bridges the divide between leadership and team challenges across all six of these needs.


A vaildated diagnostic

The power of Teams and the Brain together in an assessment

The Climate Change for Teams® assessment is a validated measure capturing the shared perceptions of a team, which, influence behaviour and performance on a day-to-day basis. The assessment is based on over 25 years of research into neuroscience, socio-cognitive needs that underpin performance, and over 35 years’ of research into climate and its role in organisations.

Team Climate goes beyond just surveys and data. It is a defined and measurable process for building high performance teams. It works by assessing six socio-cognitive needs known to drive engagement and performance, across teams. It bridges the divide between leadership and team challenges across all six of these needs.

The assessment was developed through a rigorous research process undertaken by psychologists and neuroscientists, and has been statistically linked to high team performance, high team satisfaction and low turnover intent.

A research based, validated assessment

Do you what to know more about the research?

Download our white papers that look at the research and background to each of the six socio cognitive needs in Teams.




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